Who Is Charlotte Gray?

Charlotte Gray, Ph.D(c) is a Master Coach and Hypnotherapist,
CFLC Level III (Certified Fearless Living and Loving Coach), a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic led light bulbs for home Programming (NLP) and TimeLine™ Therapy, a Professional Acting Coach, Business Owner and Mother of Twin Daughters.

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As a single parent of 16-year-old twin daughters, Ms. Gray is well equipped to understand the challenges that occur in people’s lives. Charlotte’s career life includes a broad business and entertainment background, as well as being a successful acting coach and teacher at The Acting Place which she founded in 1999. As an acting teacher, she turns out successful actors and uses her coaching skills to enlarge the lives of her students. Charlotte offers all this experience and knowledge to help executives and individuals from all walks of life to become more successful in both their personal and pottery clay tools business lives.

As a LIFE COACH, Charlotte approaches the work on a cognitive-behavioral level. She then uses all her skills and intuition to help redirect the unconscious mind and it’s limiting beliefs and misaligned values and moves you forward to a life of mastery. Charlotte helps her clients TAKE THE LIFE THEY HAVE and CREATE THE LIFE THEY WANT!

“Curious to know how you are able to nail me and know exactly what I am doing and why. You don’t let me get away with my old self-sabotaging behaviors. This is something that I have never had before in a friend or otherwise. It feels great.” J.J., Sr. Project Manager, Microsoft, Seattle Washington two-wheel electric scooters

“To succeed, you need a coach… Charlotte is the only coach you will need!” W. Monterroso, Attorney

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